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The Glut book is out!! PICTURES by the thousands!! You can order the
book at McFarland's web site: http://www.mcfarlandpub.com  There are two
entries for the book if you search by author. Although both were
inaccurate when I looked this morning, they both refer to the same book.
It is $145 but the pictures alone make it worth the price. For those
without cybersurf capabilities, here is the main info:

Donald F. Glut
Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia
McFarland and Co. Publ.
ISBN 0-89950-917-7
1997     1076 pages

Mike Brett-Surman    brett-surman.michael@nmnh.si.edu
or at mnhpb018@sivm.si.edu
Smithsonian Institution (not "institute" ;-)