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I'm so upset, does anyone know what happened? While surfing the net
this morning, my screen froze (ie: system crashed), I shut down, and
when I logged back on the bottom half of my BOOKMARKS were GONE!

I talked with tech support for my server (EROLS) and I have them
baffled...never heard of loosing only bottom half of bookmarks...said
if I lost all my bookmarks they knew many reasons for it...said my
problem was so unusual it probably would not ever happen again...said
there was no maximum amount of bookmark spaces...only limited by
memory of your computer...said they don't think I caused the problem.

Does anyone have any ideas, I'm so distressed! I lost all my dino, 
geo, paleo etc sites!...I have a Macintosh LC and was on Netscape Nav. 
2.02 at the time!

Thanks for any ideas, Gail email address WBanks@erols.com