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Re: Thousands of dinosaur footprints found in Australia

>Thousands of dinosaur footprints found in Australia
>OK folks here is how to proceed with this news item.
>Somebody on this list must know paelontologists in
>Australia.  Well send them an EMAIL and ask them to
>join this group.  They must know someone involved in
>this dig.  They can then ask them to join this list.
>They can then provide an accurate description of the
>find.  These computer machines have brought Australia
>as close as the keyboard.  It is up to us to get the
>ball rolling and the results could be interesting and
>Just a thought.
>Pj Enright

        It might be also productive to email the provincial government and
implore them to protect the site.  I did a Yahoo search and fired off a
couple messages to that effect to some Aussie agencies.


        "Dammit, Philbert; what kind of a lepidopterist are you?  For god's 
man; stand up to them!"