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Hi all. 

Before I start: please refrain from posting personal bibliographies. I feel
this kind of thing should be restricted to private email: this is supposed to
be a forum for dinosaur-related discussion and not an email directory for dino-
list members. Furthermore, personal bibliographies ad nauseam were posted here
last year and it was painful enough enduring them then.

In talking abut the ?didactyl forelimbs of compsognathids, George wrote...

> Too many compsognathid-like dinosaurs (Sinosauropteryx, unnamed Italian
> form) are turning up with three-digit forelimbs, 

I'm unaware of an Italian _Compsognathus_-like fossil. Might you be referring
to the Benevento animal? This appears to be a dromaeosaurid, and was treated
as such by its describers (go to my post AMAZING NEW TINY THEROPOD at
http://www.cmnh.org/fun/dinosaur-archive/1995Dec/0811.html - citation for the
paper is there if you want it). But, interestingly, someone (Dave Lambert I
think) has pencilled 'New ?compsognathid from Italy' on my copy.

I'll be including an enlarged OH image of this amazing little fossil during my
talk 'Some New Dinosaurs' (Dinosaur Convention, 26-7-97, Conway Hall, Red Lion
Square, London W1), so come see it for yourself. I suppose it looks a bit like
_Sinosauropteryx_ in gist, but the tail is much shorter and stiffer and the head
is of more _Archaeopteryx_-like shape. Original artwork by Luis Rey will also
be featured (a depiction of the _Sinosauropteryx_ corpse shortly after death:
have a sneak preview at http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~luisrey).

"Human... stuck... in my... throat"

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