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At 12:20 PM 7/10/97 +0100, you wrote:
>Looking at ornithomimid metatarsi the other day, I encountered what appears to
>be a labelling mistake in Weish-Dod-Os. 
>It concerns what is supposed to be the pes of _Dromiceiomimus brevitertius_
>(Fig. 8.3 E and F) on p. 231. The metatarsi are not arctometatarsalian in the
>figure, there is a digit I, and the entire structure is more robust than would
>be expected for an ornithomimid (even _Harpymimus_ is markedly more gracile and
>other taxa, e.g. _Ornithomimus velox_, are even more so). So the figure is
>almost certainly not of a derived ornithomimid as it is supposed to be (my best
>guess is that it is actually from an oviraptorosaur). 

This is the pes of _Garudimimus brevipes_ (8.3C-F are all from _Garudi_).
However, as noted in the JVP arctomet paper (pp. 494-496), the actual
specimen is something more like the condition found in _Chirostenotes_ than
shown here (i.e., the proximal ends of mtII and IV touch on the anterior
face).  The pes has been illustrated correctly (but under the name
_Oviraptor_!!) in Currie & Russell's 1988 paper on _Chirostenotes_.

It is still is relatively short and broad compared to other
ornithomimosaurs, but falls within the general arctomet range.  Lacking
complete tibiae or femora, I couldn't plot out the relative hindlimb
dimensions: something for a later discovery).

(However, since the _Garudimimus_ specimen was fragmentary, I suppose it is
possible that more than one animal is mixed up in the hypodigm).

>I recall this being mentioned on the list some time ago, but I have not been
>able to find it in the archives. Am I correct, and if so what is the true
>identification of the pes in Fig. 8.3? And is the true pes of _Dromiceiomimus_
>figured elsewhere in the volume? 

The true pes is, unfortunately, not illustrated elsewhere in _The
Dinosauria_.  Parks 1926 has such an illustration (it isn't radically
different from, for example, _Struthiomimus_).

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