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Q&A for kids

Nickolodeon, the kids' mag, has asked for a series of questions and answers
to be used in a upcoming prehistory issue. I'm compiling some material but
would like input from anyone who would like to suggest a good Q&A that
either kids' ask frequently or kids would find fascinating. Our favorite is
"How many big Macs could a T-rex eat?" but I plan to simplify our recent
discussions about "What is a fossil?" and "What is a dinosaur?" I'd really
like to see some more fun ones that kids could relate to, such as "In a tug
of war, who would win, a Ford pickup or a Triceratops?" I also have a few
trivia items such as "How many dinosaur skeletons have been found?" "How
many dinosaur movies were made?" 
Anyway, if you have any suggestions, please send, off-line or on, your
preference. Thanks for your help.
Ellen Sue Blakey, Education Director, Wyoming Dinosaur Center & Big Horn
Basin Foundation
Ellen Sue Blakey
phone: 307/864-3391             fax: 307/864-3882
email: ellensb@trib.com
snailmail: Rt. 3 Box 209, Thermopolis, Wyoming 82443 USA