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Re: Thousands of dinosaur footprints found in Australia

Pj Enright <java@pacbell.net> suggests:

> OK folks here is how to proceed with this news item.  Somebody on
> this list must know paelontologists in Australia.  Well send them an
> EMAIL and ask them to join this group.  They must know someone
> involved in this dig.

Tony Thulborn and his students usually monitor the dinosaur list.
They are currently unsubscribed because they are out in the field
finding things like "thousands of dinosaur footprints" :-)  Others
(e.g. Nino Perez-Moreno until at least July 19th) frequently remove
themselves from the list when they go out in the field to collect the
data for us to talk about.  

> These computer machines have brought Australia as close as the
> keyboard.

But few of us are well enough equipped to bring those keyboards out
into the field.  As the expeditions going on in the Gobi desert show
this is an economic rather than a technological hurdle.  Eventually
I'm sure internet connections will be deemed "necessary" field
equipment, but it isn't yet and it probably won't be until it's

Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)