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Re: First person to propose Dinos = Birds ??

I think the idea goes back to Thomas Henry Huxley that dinosaurs and birds
were closely related, after he took a look at both Compsognathus and
Archaeopteryx. Could be wrong. I don't know exactly what the relationship
proposed was either- sister group or ancestor-descendant. 
Gerhard Heilmann considered but then rejected an ancestor-descendant
relationship in Origin and Evolution of Birds. He believed that
dinosaurs lacked a furculum although I think Oviraptor philoceratops had 
already been discovered by this point. It was John Ostrom, in the early
70's I think, who really gets the credit though; he noticed the
similarity of the semilunate carpal block on both Deinonychus and
Archaeopteryx. The semilunate carpal block is still probably the most
important single piece of the puzzle, in my opinion. 
    On the subject of dromaeosaurs, I had the good fortune to chance
upon one being prepped out in the lab today. V. mongoliensis is really a 
very beautiful animal, I think, especially with those narrow, bladelike
snouts. The ulna is pretty interesting, too. The thing is from the
AMNH's 1993 expedition I'm told. 
On Thu, 10 Jul 1997,
D.I.G. wrote:

> While Dr. Bakker has certainly popularlized the notion recently, I'm
> vaguely aware that the idea of dinos and birds being "related" did not
> originate with him and that it dates back a few decades.
> Can anyone tell me what the etymology of the notion is? I'm aware that
> the Victorians considered some of the early dinosaur remains to be those
> of giant birds, but that's all my muddled mind will dredge up at the
> moment.
> thanks in advance!
> E. Summer
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