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Away for a week

Well, folks, just a quick post to say that I'll be away for a week.  I'm
ship shape and Bristol bound (literally, at least the last part).  For those
attending the International Conference on Vertebrate Morphology in Bristol,
make sure you stop by and see my talk about carnivorous adaptations in
theropods and other Mesozoic terrestrial archosauriforms (party!).

I'll update the list as to the new discoveries presented there.  Among other
things, Thomas Carr and a collegue will be presenting a paper on variation
in T. rex (looking forward to that one!), and a whole sessions on historical
trends in morphology, pneumatization in theropods (and other, less
important, taxa), flight evolution, etc.

Talk to you in a week or so!

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.
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