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Re: First person to propose Dinos = Birds ??

In a message dated 97-07-12 08:34:52 EDT, longrich@phoenix.Princeton.EDU
(Nick Longrich) writes:

<< I think the idea goes back to Thomas Henry Huxley that dinosaurs and birds
 were closely related, after he took a look at both Compsognathus and
 Archaeopteryx. Could be wrong. >>

Earliest published ref I've come across on this topic is

Gegenbaur, C., 1863. "Vergleichend-anatomische Bermerkungen ueber das
Fuss-skelett der Voegel," Arch. Anatom. Physiol. 1: 450-472.

Don't know whether I have this ref in my library or not, since my library and
I are in separate regions of the country right now.

I think Gegenbaur (or Gegenbauer--seen it both ways) compares bird/dino feet
and comes up with a close relationship. Good work. Feet are still one of the
best places to look for broad, high-level anatomical relationships.