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Re: Majungasaurus has a head

On Fri, 11 Jul 1997, guy leahy wrote:

>       Just saw a nice lateral view photo of the new Majungasaurus skull
> (In the Field, July-August 1997, 68 [4], p. 6).  The skull bears an overall
> similarity to Carnotaurus (short face, orbital horns, expanded braincase 
> crest, slender dentary).  The postorbital seems more similar to Abelisaurus.
> In addition, the nasals are highly rugose, and appear to bear a crest.

        At SVP last year it was shown that the putative dome of a
domeheaded dinosaur (Majungatholus) was actually part of Majungasaurus,
so that's probably what the rugose thingy is.