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Re: Warm-blooded debate

In a message dated 97-07-12 17:47:13 EDT, jwoolf@erinet.com (Jonathon Woolf)

<< Joe Daniel wrote:
 > I vote mesothermic, with an slant to the endothermic side,
 > to be left as such until someone presents me with new data.
 <sigh>  Sometimes it's a bother, this incurable fascination with
 wordplay. >>

I forgot to mention that the whole point of the vote is to put the problem
away for once and for all, and not to return to it when "someone presents me
with new data." Except for the one case where the "new data" are >diurnally
charted body-temperature measurements of dinosaurs<, of course.

So if, after the vote, someone pops up with a different hypothesis about
dinosaur metabolism, the correct reply will be, "Sorry, we voted >this< way,
not your way. Do you have direct body-temperature measurements of dinosaurs?
No? Then you're wrong. Hit the road."