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Re: Therizinosaurus

>Anyway, from the discussion I saw on therizinosaurus, it seems the function
>of its claws are still debated.  


I know there are bamboo forests today in China
>that could easily have fed a therizinosaurus, but I have no idea if bamboo
>was around in the late Cretaceous or in the areas therizinosaurus skeletons
>are found.  Anyway, I just thought I'd ask people smarter than me what they
>thought of a possibility of a bamboo diet for therizionosaurus.

[note- I'm going to use the term "therizinosaur" in preference to "segnosaur"]

        An interesting thought, but bamboo is a grass and grasses lacked any
significant presence during the Mesozoic. Therizinosaur claws look like good
weapons for interspecific combat and defense, but may ahve also served some
feeding-related role. My question is, what is known of the therizinosaur
humerus articulation with the shoulder girdle? What movements could have
been achieved in addition to locomotor activity?