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Dinomeat! Marketting Strategies.

This will be the last thing I post on this subject, off topic as it is.
It is a message to the Ratite listserve, a group of agriculturalists
determined to  introduce ratite to U.S. dinnertables.  Bon appetite!

"Dinosaurs are a big seller
- look at the success of the movie, Jurassic Park.  Remarkably, there
has been a number of recent paleontological finds which point to the 
avians as the dinosaurs' most closest modern relative, in fact, ratites
are often looked at to determine many details of the dinosaurs' 
movements and physical abilities.  I think it would be remarkably
advantageous for us as an industry to take advantage of the dinosaur
link (however real or perceived it may be).  Advertisement has its
power in perception - what people perceive the product to be sells
it more than what the product actually is.  The fine line is crossed when 
the advertisement crosses from perception to DEception.  But I think
there is enough scientific knowledge and discovery, especially as of
late, to more than "prove" (perceptually speaking) that ratites are in
fact modern dinosaurs.  I think if we (the industry) marketed them as
such, we would greatly enhance the marketability and demand of the
various ratite products.  A short term (fad-driven) demand is likely to
occur, one which we must be ready to address, while at the same time,
we must set our sights on establishing longer term, stable markets
and demand after the "fad" wears off.   Our overwhelming emu population
may give us the short-term supply for such a fad. We as an industry are 
guilty of "putting the cart in front of the horse" as Fred Ross put it recently.
This is an opportunity for us to capitalize on a fad (dinosaurs) in the 
foreground, and then use the popularity of the novelty to establish more
solid, long term demand and markets in the background.  I believe that
this is a marvelous potential windfall for the ratite industry.  We just
need to "milk" these dinosaurs while the gettin's still good!  What do
you think?"

Mike Aberer
Emu Village in NW MO