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Re: Dinomeat! Marketting (SIC) Strategies.

In a message dated 97-07-14 15:16:05 EDT, you write:

> It is a message to the Ratite listserve, a group of agriculturalists
>  determined to  introduce ratite to U.S. dinnertables.  Bon appetite!
Now this is a brilliant idea...
After such wonderful dinosaur descendants like the dodo, the auk, and the
passenger pigeon have been slaughtered into extinction (the latter in one of
the most spectacular animal genocides ever) and as billions of chickens and
turkeys are tortured and destroyed every year to feed thoughtless millions of
sure, let's make the destruction of yet another species of bird a priority in
our desire to Kill And Eat.
And worst of all, let's try to appeal to the public's love and passion for
dinosaurs and shove the idea that killing said dinos is a good thing and 
> "milk" these dinosaurs while the gettin's still good! <

Kill And Eat.
This world is not a Tarzan novel.
We should be revering these animals for what they are, respect them for what
they have been, and love them for their mere existence.
Hopefully their beautiful sons and daughters in the millennia to come will be
able to walk freely over the asphalt layer we'll leave behind in the earth's
strata, as their race's terrible memories of us fade like autumn smoke.