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Re: Dinomeat! Marketting (SIC) Strategies.

On Mon, 14 Jul 1997 21:10:00 -0400 (EDT) PELLUCIDAR@aol.com writes:
>In a message dated 97-07-14 15:16:05 EDT, you write:
>> It is a message to the Ratite listserve, a group of agriculturalists
>>  determined to  introduce ratite to U.S. dinnertables.  Bon 
>Now this is a brilliant idea...
>After such wonderful dinosaur descendants like the dodo, the auk, and 
>passenger pigeon have been slaughtered into extinction (the latter in 
>one of
>the most spectacular animal genocides ever) and as billions of 
>chickens and
>turkeys are tortured and destroyed every year to feed thoughtless 
>millions of
>sure, let's make the destruction of yet another species of bird a 
>priority in
>our desire to Kill And Eat.

As one of those so-called thoughtless humans who pays for someone to
raise, "torture," and kill turkey and chicken for me to eat, I would like
to submit for your thoughts the idea that turkeys and chickens will not
go extinct for the very reason that we enjoy eating them so much.  The
birds you describe as going extinct were never domesticated, and that, as
well as short-sighted avarice on humans' part, were their downfall.  Not
their fault, just their downfall.

I object to wanton and wasteful slaughter of any creature, but the
raising of animals for meat is not on a par with the extinction of the
passenger pigeon, auk and dodo no matter how you slice it.  People would
have more respect for your arguments if you stuck with the facts.  What
we do when we slaughter animals for meat is ten times more humane than
any wild predator does to them.

>Kill And Eat.
>This world is not a Tarzan novel.

And Nature is not some romantic notion, where all the animals respect
each other, either.  The truth is animals eat other animals or plants. 
If humans didn't eat animals, other animals would.  We are all part of
the food chain.  And if you chose not to eat meat, fine.  But castigating
others for doing so just makes you look weak.

>We should be revering these animals for what they are, respect them 
>for what
>they have been, and love them for their mere existence.

We are.  And if we can domesticate some of them for our purposes, then
the others can be left alone to be free.

>Hopefully their beautiful sons and daughters in the millennia to come 
>will be
>able to walk freely over the asphalt layer we'll leave behind in the 
>strata, as their race's terrible memories of us fade like autumn 

Where they will most likely peck themselves to death over the scraps left

You need a long vacation in a deep wilderness to get a reality check of
what Mother Nature is all about.  It is far from the romantic ideal you
are picturing.  And like it or not, human beings are a part of it too. 
Chill out.

Judy Molnar
Education Associate, Virginia Living Museum
All questions are valid; all answers are tentative.