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Re: books and komodo dragons

At 05:11 PM 14/07/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Since the subject of Komodo Dragons has been raised more than once on the 
>list and since I haven't seen this mentioned before, the Metro Toronto 
>Zoo has at least one Komodo Dragon on display for the summer.  The animal(s)
>has been lent to the Zoo by the Indonesian (I hope this is right) government.
>So if anyone is planning to visit Toronto this summer you might want to go
>to the zoo to have a look.
I was actually disappointed with the dragons.  They are VERY young.  I know
all of them start out that way, but the commercials show adult dragons.
They do have three dragons (I saw two when I went).  They are still worth
seeing, but they are no bigger than the other monitors at the Zoo.  As for
active/passive predators, they mostly just lie there.  I guess there is
little need for activity when a keeper lobs you a dead bunny every so often. 

By the way, I am in no way knocking the Metro Toronto Zoo, I have been a
member for years now and am planning to be one for years to come.  I can't
wait for the African Savana to open in 1998.  Oh, but come to visit the
Komodo Dragons this year anyway!


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