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Re: Dinomeat! Marketting (SIC) Strategies.

At 22:16 -0500 14/7/97, bruce thompson wrote:
>>In a message dated 97-07-14 15:16:05 EDT, you write:
>>> It is a message to the Ratite listserve, a group of agriculturalists
>>>  determined to  introduce ratite to U.S. dinnertables.  Bon appetite!
>>Now this is a brilliant idea...
>>After such wonderful dinosaur descendants like the dodo, the auk, and the
>>passenger pigeon have been slaughtered into extinction (the latter in one of
>>the most spectacular animal genocides ever)
>        These PETA misanthropes should be as unwelcome here as
>creationists are.

Considering our most impressive New Zealand ratites, the Moa, have been
to extinction, and the Kiwi will be lucky to last another 20 years,
'humorous posts'
relating to eating ratites don't really cause such a belly laugh in this
part of the world.

I have to say that, although I'd slightly different language than the other
I have to agree with the sentiment.

Is the discussion of extinction not one of the main topics of this group?
one dismiss as 'misanthropy' comments relating to the extinction of large
numbers of extant dinosaurs?

I suggest not.

Incidentally, I might also point out that Ostrich farming - almost
certainly the
bird in question - as promoted outside of South Africa is essentially a
pyramid scam.
Some of the meat is indeed very tasty, however, it is not cost effective in
absence of a supporting commercial infrastructure utilising the rest of the

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Some of the more environmentally aware dinosaurs were worried about the
consequences of an accident with the new Iridium enriched fusion reactor.
"If it goes off only the cockroaches and mammals will survive..." they said.