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Re: Dino sex and therm tally rant (and feather origins thrown in)

jamolnar@juno.com wrote:
> Do you mean have a rubbery egg so that you can release it from a height
> and it can bounce unharmed?  Remember that sea turtles lay their eggs in
> sand, and if the eggs drop down, they are hitting something soft anyway.
> Wouldn't a nesting dinosaur have something soft lining the nest whether
> the eggs were soft or not?

ok-here's a thought...dinosaurs developed feathers before flight so that
they could have something to pull off and line nests with.
what do you think?.........

> The fact that all dinosaur eggs found so far are even fossils tends to
> rule out the rubbery shell idea.  A rubbery egg like that of today's
> reptiles would fossilize rarely if at all.

not if it had the same conditions burying it.  Should fossilize quite

           Betty Cunningham  
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