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Re: Horner

Darren wrote:
> Well, little Jack Horner gave his talks at the BM the other day. I missed out,
> but I hear they were actually pretty good - even if the subject matter was the
> usual kind of stuff he covers (tyrannosaurs were scavengers, ceratopian 
> bonebeds
> etc). 
> Oh, and another surprise from Horner. Though he is still sticking to the
> proverbial guns on tyrannosaurids being scavengers, he does actually think 
> that
> carcharodontosaurids were active predators. His reasoning for this was that
> carcharodontosaurid teeth are laterally flattened blades, whereas 
> tyrannosaurid
> teeth are blunt rounded spikes. I'm not sure either description is truly
> reflective of reality...

Horner's idea of T. rex as a giant scavenger is not particularly new 
by the way. The same idea was put forward by the late Beverly 
Halstead (again...) in the seventies...

Pieter Depuydt