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Re: Dinosaur diversity

In a message dated 97-07-15 11:52:55 EDT, Nathan Myhrvold writes:

>Islands in which major groups were missing seem even more likely - i.e.
>islands without dinosaurs, but with reptiles, mammals or birds, should
>be reasonably common...  [snip]...As an example, most isolated island
systems are >mammal free, so giant reptiles and birds fill the niches...
[snip]... Why does it seem
>harder to get mammals to these places than everything else?

Sorry, no answers, but a couple more questions: if mammals seem to have a
hard time getting to 'these places' [islands] (for whatever reason) why would
they have been more likely to do so in the age of dino's? and why would the
dino's have been less likely to exist on islands than reptiles or mammals?
(birds are obvious)... 

Wayne A. Bottlick.