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I am wondering if any hands from pahycephalosaurs have been discovered intact
as of yet, and if so, where have they been described?  I am specifically
interested in discovering if manual digit five (the pinky) is retained.


I am searching for the papers where Hunt and Hunt & Lucas describe numerous
tooth taxa from the Triassic of the SW United States and also where they give
Horner's two new Kritosaurus skulls the names Anasazisaurus and


As a general warning to everyone out there in cyber land:  Just because a
certain paleontologist is not on this mailing list, does not mean that they
are in the dark ages and do not have access to email or cannot and do not
access this mailing list's archives (hint to LR).  I agree that Horner is
uncomfortable in front of groups, but you should not blast him for being so,
I certainly could not do better.  He really is a dynamic and captivating man
if you get to know him, which during my stay in Bozeman I unfortunately did
not get to do very much of.  Montana's paleo culture is strange in a way.
 They seem to place Horner as a sort of a god-head, a modern mythos equal in
stature to Cope, Marsh, and Andrews.  It is really eye opening to live in
Montana for a year and experience the dinosaurs.  No amount of Digging
Dinosaurs or Dinosaur Lives can compair.  In a way, I am sad I am not
returning (though a foot in a half of snow on 1 May, and an average hugh of
-10 in January makes Seattle seem nice and cozy).


There is nothing on my computer, but there is a clay sculpture of Edmontonia
rugosidens nearby, brown with yellow stripes, jet black scutes and armor.
 The high ridges on the neck plates are bright white.  Despite that, it
really looks horrid, I wish I had done something simpler, with less relief,
like a sauropod.


I vote for endothermic.  An idea I tend to fancy that was proposed by Nick
Pharris on this list over a year ago is that, like modern naked mole rats
[Heterocephalus sp], crocodiles are secondarily ectothermic because they
exist in a medium that is a constant temperature (underground in the Somali
dessert, or in tropical streams), and thus endothermy is pleisiomorphic for
the crown clade archosauria as a whole.  Of course, we will never know for
sure until we get some time machines and stick a thermometer you know


OK, enough please.  There are quite a few vegetarians on this lict (I being
one of them) who do not appreciate being labelled as 'misanthropic'.  I agree
with Mickey that this is not the proper forum for such discussion, but such
insulting comments are completely unwarrented.  Please watch it before you
step on toes and this list will stay the loving place it always has been :-)
.  [err...  except when discussing cladistics, or BCF, or endothermy, or
segnosaurs, or (god forbid) alien autopsies]

Thank you for listening

Peter Buchholz

"What's she gonna be like?"
"Beeg and Bootch."
"I'll have to look up."