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Re: Dinomeat!

> >Hopefully their beautiful sons and daughters in the millennia to come
> >will be
> >able to walk freely over the asphalt layer we'll leave behind in the
> >earth's
> >strata, as their race's terrible memories of us fade like autumn
> >smoke.
> Where they will most likely peck themselves to death over the scraps left
> behind.
> You need a long vacation in a deep wilderness to get a reality check of
> what Mother Nature is all about.  It is far from the romantic ideal you
> are picturing.  And like it or not, human beings are a part of it too.
> Chill out.
> Judy Molnar
> Education Associate, Virginia Living Museum
> vlmed@juno.com
> jamolnar@juno.com
> All questions are valid; all answers are tentative.

Couldn't have said it better myself. As Stephen Gould said, "Nature
doesn't give a damn how we got here, how long we stay, or when we leave"
(or something like that). The only thing that makes slaughtering other
animals for food bad is that we make it appear so. A T. Rex never
stopped to consider the moral implications of ripping its dinner apart.
It had to eat, so it did. We need to stop putting ourselves outside the
framework of nature and accept that we are a part of it.