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And they stink, too!

On 14 Jul 97 21:49:00 EDT, you wrote:

>>to the "sauropod squat" would be to have rubbery egg shells (the
>>sea turtle approach),
>Do you mean have a rubbery egg so that you can release it from a height
>and it can bounce unharmed?  Remember that sea turtles lay their eggs in
>sand, and if the eggs drop down, they are hitting something soft anyway.
>Wouldn't a nesting dinosaur have something soft lining the nest whether
>the eggs were soft or not?
>> although clearly those eggs that have been
>>interpreted as being sauropod were hard shelled, which may rule this
>>line of inquiry out.
>The fact that all dinosaur eggs found so far are even fossils tends to
>rule out the rubbery shell idea.  A rubbery egg like that of today's
>reptiles would fossilize rarely if at all.

The eggs of modern reptiles tend to calcify and harden if they don't
hatch... water seems to hasten this process, btw.