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Re: Dino sex and therm tally rant (and feather origins thrown in)

> > ok-here's a thought...dinosaurs developed feathers before flight so that
> > they could have something to pull off and line nests with.
> > what do you think?.........
> Do any birds do this now (flightless or otherwise)??? I don't have
> aproblem accepting that they used molted or lost feathers, but ripping
> them out???

Have you ever raise poultry?  Every so often you'll see a hen that's not
just thinly feathered but as bald as an egg all over it's crop area. 
This is usually a bird that's so fussy about it's nearing breeding
potential (it wants chicks real bad) that it's not stopped at loose
feathers but gone on to pluck all the feathers out in that area.  Notice
this is a behavior that ties directly in with brooding.
           Betty Cunningham  
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