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Re: Horner

Peter Buchholz wrote:

>As a general warning to everyone out there in cyber land:  Just because a
>certain paleontologist is not on this mailing list, does not mean that they
>are in the dark ages and do not have access to email or cannot and do not
>access this mailing list's archives (hint to LR).  I agree that Horner is
>uncomfortable in front of groups, but you should not blast him for being so,
>I certainly could not do better.  He really is a dynamic and captivating man
>if you get to know him.

I did not say anything about what Horner could be as a person, neither I
criticized his paleontological work. On the contrary, much of his work I
respect, enjoy and agree with. I was very specific in my criticisms of what
he SAID during the several talks he gave. And being the very important
public person he is, he is responsible. He is also liable to criticism, as
anyone else. I don't believe in gods. One thing is that I would have
criticized his shyness or lack of charisma as a public speaker(which I
didn't) and other thing is criticizing the choice of words and amount and
quality of the information given.
Do I detect a vague threat in this post? Have I been found guilty by the
Dino Intelligentsia?

Luis Rey

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