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Re: Just Browsing (or not!)

At 09:27 PM 7/16/97 EDT, jamolnar@juno.com wrote:
>On Wed, 16 Jul 1997 14:20:54 CDT "Dictator-for-life Calvin"
><MWEDEL@gslan.offsys.ou.edu> writes:
>>I am putting together a list of all non-brachiating, non-volant 
>>amniotes whose forelegs are longer than their hindlegs.  So far I 
>>certain artiodactyls
>>If anyone can think of more, please let me know.  
>Sea turtles and Cetaceans, especially Humpback whales!  ;-)
>Judy Molnar
>Education Associate, Virginia Living Museum
>All questions are valid; all answers are tentative.