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Re: Feather evolution

At 10:41 PM 7/16/97 -0400, Marty Martin wrote:
>Thanks to all who commented on the behavior of birds removing their
>feathers to serve as nest material for young. I had never heard of that
>before, but it raises an interesting question. I know this is a stretch,
>but is it possible that if dinosaurs used their feathers as a means to
>increase the chances of their young's survival by both serving as a
>"softening the landing mechanism" during egg laying as was discussed
>before or simply as a means to better incubate their eggs that this
>could have possible helpto select for those dinosaurs that had feathers
>over those that had not. I know that this is really pushing it.
>Dinosaurs who used feathers for cushioning during egg laying were
>probably too big to ever have any use for feathers in flight, however it
>seems to me that perhaps using feathers as incubating accesories would
>promote survival of young from the egg phase which would increase the
>frequency of that genotype being passed on.
>       Remember, this is just a "maybe." Anyone have any ideas??
>                               Marty Martin
>                               VCU Biology Department
>                               Richmond, VA