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Re: Dino sex

On Tue, 15 Jul 1997 08:50:00 -0400 "Tomporowski, Steve"
<Steve.Tomporowski@us.ms.philips.com> writes:
>From: dannj
>> One alternative
>>to the "sauropod squat" would be to have rubbery egg shells (the
>>sea turtle approach), although clearly those eggs that have been
>>interpreted as being sauropod were hard shelled, which may rule this
>>line of inquiry out.
>Maybe not exactly ruled out.  The eggs could be soft-shelled and
>'bouncy' in
>the first few minutes/hours, then harden with exposure to air.

Judy Molnar wrote:

>Not that I know of.  Either calcium is encorporated in the egg shell
>matrix and hardens it or it isn't and you get a rubbery egg.  That isn't
>something that can be added to harden the egg later outside the body, as
>I understand the process.

I was more or less (really more...) thinking of some kind of organic 'glue' 
or resin that would harden with exposure to air.  In short, the 'matrix' 
would not be formed yet.....somewhat what happens, say to tree sap.  Having 
much engineering experience and not enough in biological mechanisms is 
handicapping me here....;)