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Re: Dino sex

 Matt Giwer <mgiwer99@primenet.com> wrote:
> To:            dannj@alphalink.com.au, dinosaur@usc.edu
> Subject:       Re: Dino sex

> >> Another alternative used by some animals is to approach back-to-back.
> >> Most
> >> flying insects do this.  Although, off-hand I can't think of any
> >> vertebrates
> >> that do.
> >> 
> >> -Randy
> >
> >Dogs, foxes, probably most canines, mate back-to-back, a position that
> >is ultimately extremely painful for the male since a certain
> >sensitive organ has to rotate through 180 degrees. It then swells so
> >as the two are locked together for the duration, perhaps to prevent
> >other males from forcefully decoupling them before the deed is done.
> >I'm not sure such a position would be any less awkward than others
> >where dinosaurs were concerned. Any way you look at it the dinosaurian
> >tail would have made things more difficult than for mammals, although
> >perhaps kangaroos would be the closest mammalian analogy. Certainly
> >the position of the cloaca as it is often reconstructed seems to
> >point backwards in dinos, so perhaps back-to-back mating can not be
> >ruled out entirely.
> >-- 
Sorry about the first response.  I hit the wrong "button".

Canines mount "doggie" style.  They do not mount rear to rear.  The 
swellings you referred to lock the penis in the vagina.  The male may 
dismount still locked but this is not painful for the male.  The 
"couple" may stay engaged for many minutes.  

As far as dinosaurs are concerned, my_guess_is that mother nature 
took care of things and they just did what came naturally.

As always, this is only an opinion, subject to
retraction and recall without notice, and with 
due respect to others opinions.


Michael Teuton MD