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Re: Dino sex

That seems interesting to me.  Many fish fertilize the eggs outside the
body.  It seems plausible to me, but dubious.  I can't, offhand, think
of anything outside the water that works like that.  Some frogs do come
close though, even outside the water.  I can't imagine most ideas
so far.  I don't understand why back-to-back didn't go over so well.  :)
This seem the next best option to me, even if unprecedented.

So, are we certain they weren't hermaphroditic?? ;-)


Compy07 wrote:
> This is _VERY_ unlikely, but what if some dinos (ankylosaurs) and others
> that seemd impossible use the fish's mthod? Leave the sperm near the
> female, and have her get it off the ground somehow?????? Would this
> work?


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