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DinosØMP wrote:
<<Ok. I have three questions:
1. Is Adasaurus more birdlike than other dromaeosaurs?>>

There are some specializations in the pelvis that would lead one to believe
that Adasaurus is not a dromaeosaur, but instead the sister group to
{Unenlagia + {Archaeopteryx + all other birds}}.  This is because it has lost
the cranial projection of the pubic boot, but still has not developed the
proximodorsal process of the idchium and the obturator process has not
migrated distally.

<<2. Is -*("|[Linsterosaurus]|")*- supposed to be Saurornitholestes, or 

As far as officiality is concerned it is: "Undescribed theropod cf
_Saurornitholestes_".  The bones show a striking resemblance to Unenlagia's

<<3. What the he**(sorry) is "The flying raptor" which placement on the 
Dromaeosar klassification does it have?>>

The flying raptor is a volant theropod.  I would place it in an unresolved
trichotemy with Archaeopteryx and all other birds at the base of the Avialae.

Peter Buchholz

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