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Re: Paleontology in Germany

E. Summer wrote:

> We are looking for:
> Paleontology and Dinosaur Museum contacts in Germany.
> A new staff member, who is fluent in German, will be interested in both
> covering current activity in Germany and doing various interviews,
> articles, etc. about existing displays and discoveries.

Perhaps you should contact Hans Dieter Sues, he is currently involved 
in the study (together with Walter Munk of the State Museum of 
Natural History in Karlsruhe) of a diverse Late Permian (Late Tatarian) 
tetrapod fauna 
found in a marine sediment fissure infilling  in Korbach, Hessen, Northern 
Germany.  Fossils include remains of pareiasaurs, archosauromorphs, 
dicynodonts and a specimen of Procynosuchus sp. (delahayi?).

Eberhard Frey and Walter Munk from Karlsruhe also recently published, together 
with Sues, a paper in Nature about a new specimen of Coelurosauravus 
which gave new insight in the structure of its gliding membranes.
(See earlier postings on this list)

(email: hdsues@rom.on.ca)


Pieter Depuydt