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Re: Dino sex

I was kind of hoping Neil Clark might jump in here, but I guess I was
waiting in vain since he appears not to be subscribed at the moment.
I hope he's not out in the field trying to break his leg again.
Anyhoo a couple of years ago the question of dinosaur sex was raised
and Neil made available to us a drawing he made of two specimens of
Polacanthus caught en flagrante delicto.  If you can handle a
uuencoded message, you can still get them from the archives at
lepomis.  What you want to do is write to:


The body of your message should contain any one of the following three
lines (and preferably nothing else -- leave the subject line blank if
you can, otherwise just put "hi" in the subject):

get dinosaur polesexg.uue
get dinosaur polesexj.uue
get dinosaur polesexb.uue 

The difference between the three lines is merely the format of the
unencoded image that each will get you.  The first is gif, the second
is jpeg and the third is a bitmap.  The third would be most
problematic since it's in six parts and you'd have to stitch them
together before uudecoding the image.  But there you go.  If there's
sufficient interest I could possibly be persuaded to extract them and
make them available via the web or anonymous ftp.  The image is a sort
of abstract watercolor sort of thing as I remember, though it's
probably been two years since I saw it.  I don't spend my off hours
drooling over dinosaur porn...

Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)