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[ldunn@milbank.com: 3D dinosaurs]

I'm submitting the following on behalf of Larry Dunn.  He is still
subscribed to this list, but he's stuck at his office where the e-mail
system has a nasty habit of sticking ugly strings at the ends of his
messages...  Feel free to respond to him directly or to the list
(responding to me won't help since all I know of the subject I got
from this message and about a minute of perusing some of the images at
the site -- though I can tell you based on that minute that the
purpose of the site is to sell dinosaur models.  However, it looks
like a reasonably soft sell to me, so you might enjoy it even if you
have no plans to buy such things... )

-- MR

  From: ldunn@milbank.com
  Date: Fri, 18 Jul 1997 12:22:16 -0500
  To: mrowe@indiana.edu
  Subject: 3D dinosaurs

                             *     *     *
     This message is in response to a recent inquiry about 3D dinosaur 
     illustrations.  Go to:
     For a commercial site that features many 3D dinosaurs as well as 
     plants, trees and landscapes.  Hope this helps.