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General Mills, dinosaurs, and donations

Some time ago several folks on this list asked if General Mills (Makers of
Jurassic Park Crunch cereal, as well as a jillion other products) was giving
money to support paleontology.  I called the help line on my Jurassic Park
Crunch box, and they person on the other end gave me the number for the
General Mills foundation, which I called.

They were very helpful, but could not give me the information I wanted, but
agreed to send me their latest annual report (1996).  A rather vague 12 page
booklet arrived a couple of days ago.  They do good work, to the tune of $143
million in the past 5 years.  They do community work, elderly care, Habitat
for Humanity, food for the needy.

The closest thing they do to funding paleontology is a parent outreach and
bilingual workshops to help parents help their children with science.  It is
held at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History in Albuqureque.

Quoting from the annual report:
"...Part of, Proyecto Futuro, or Project Future, the workshops teach parents
fun, hands-on science activities they can take home to share with their
children.  The General Mills foundation contributed $225,000 over 3 years to
fund this pilot project."

They might not be doing any direct work with paleo, but they are doing
something...Possibly they will increase, possibly not.



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