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Acrocanthosaur premax teeth

Hello All,

I originally intended to send this to a few individuals whom I have heard are
either directly or indirectly involved with the biggest, most complete
Acrocanthosaurus currently being studied but I now feel that any replies to
the following may be of interest to other members. Please forgive the

 While I do not wish to get into the 'fossil dealer' debate (and NO! I did
not buy any fossils, only a couple casts) I did arrange to visit the fossil
dealer who owns the beast. The Graffhams were very cordial and open about the
specimen and knew I  was there for principally academic reasons,  and had a
beautifully mounted Acro skull. I happened to have brought a selection of
large theropod teeth that I have foundrecently in the Arundel Formation  and
have suspected for about three or four years now that they may be related to
Acro's being that the Arundel is virtually contemporaneous with the Antlers
Fm, Cloverly Fm., and the Trinity to name a few.

The teeth compare very well in size, serration type and cross section! I am
that along with Deinonychids, Astrodon and other non dinosaurian fauna, that
Acrocanthosaurs were present on the east coast of the US.

Question. While salivating over this cast, and comparing specimens, I
happened to count the premax teeth. There were 4 large fangs rostrally and
two very short almost 
stubby (~ 4-5 cm) teeth on the premax side of the suture between the premax
and maxillary for a total of 6 premaxillary teeth. Has anyone else noticed
this?  Prior to my seeing the specimen, I had heard from someone a pm count
of 4 or 5.

I checked my photos of the specimen and I am sure that is what I saw. I would
appreciate any input on this or any other aspect of  Acrocanthosaurs
(Carcharodontosauridae) you my wish to contribute.


Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies