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new refs

Pretty slim pickings for this week.  Somewhere around here I've got several
more refs I wanted to send, but due to time constraints I haven't been able
to get them into the system yet.  Anyone want to volunteer to take any of
several summer courses for me? ;-)

Valerkiek Deisler & Michael G. Bassett 1997, "Bibliography and index of
catalogues of type, figured and cited fossils in museums in Great Britain
and Ireland (Supplement 1975-1996)", Palaeontology, 40(2):597-.
Frank DeCourten 1997, "Dinosaurs, In California? Among the Cretaceous
Volcanoes Roamed a Unique Fauna", Pacific Discovery, 50(3):26-.
Anonymous 1997, "Dinosaur proteins", New Scientist, 154(2087):16-

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