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Re: Information from Sciencescan

> Come on a guided tour of Dilophosaurus ! This tour is 
> narrated by the discoverer of Dilophosaurus, Sam Welles, 
> Professor Emeritus at the University of California Museum of 
> Paleontology (UCMP). Examine this double crested early 
> Jurassic carniverous dinosaur and learn the difference 
> between its reality and it virtual cousin that appear in Jurassic 
> Park.   Go to http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/dilophosaur/intro.html 
> to learn more about this dinosaur.

Hey all, definitely worth the trip. VERY fascinating, but it raises a 
question that I find thought provoking.  In the words of Sam Welles 
Dilophosaurus had a manus with  4 digits, one vestigal (smallest) and 
one that apparantly was opposing.  

1st Question:  I am assuming they speculate, or know, it was opposing 
by how it attaches the the skeleton's wrist?

2nd Question:  If it had an opposable (digit) (which of course is
often referred to as one reason primates were so successful 
evolutionarily) was Dilophosaurus a tool user?