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A New Japanese Dino Website Grand Opening

Hello all,

I'm forwarding following message from Nakasato Dinosaur Center, Japan.
I'm one of those who constructed this website.
If you have any comments or impressions, please let us know at
                                        Naoto Koyama
Dear all,

We are pleased to announce that our new website has opened at


Nakasato is a small village which is located in southwestern
part of Gunma, Japan. In our village is an Early Cretaceous
stratum (Sebayashi Formation) which yielded theropod vertebra
and first Japanese dino footprints, etc..
In Nakasato Dinosaur Center, we display many fossils from all
over the world and the Special Exhibition of Mongolian Dinosaurs
is now taking place through the end of this year in cooperation
with Mongolian Academy of Science.

Initially featuring;

*The Big Challenge of a Small Village; this introduces our unique
activities which, we believe, contribute to internationalization
of dinosaur research.
*Special Exhibition of Mongolian Dinosaurs, where you will meet the
famous "Fighting Dinosaurs" (Velociraptor vs. Protoceratops), new
species of Gallimimus, Ingenia, Mononykus, and more... Some of them
were reconstructed for the first time ever in the world (also
reconstruction process done in Nakasato is shown here).
*Art Gallery; Mongolian dinosaur reconstructions. All the paintings
were created by our art director.
*Dino Website Links; if you have sites to add to this links page,
please contact us.

We'll be waiting for you and looking forward to hearing your comments
or impressions about our site.

Best Wishes,

Nakasato Dinosaur Center
Yoshie Iwasaki (webmaster@dino-nakasato.org)