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Re: JUST HURLED (spoiler)

At 15:06 +0100 21/7/97, Darren Naish wrote:
>Burke was not nearly as irritating as I imagined he would be: in fact, I
>liked the character. His death was therefore not a much-awaited scene and when
>it happened it was a real anticlimax. The waterfall sequence was stupid: more
>on that later.

Stupid, or not, the waterfall sequence was one of several sequences which were
taken from the Jurassic Park book, but which never made it into the film.  The
beginning sequence was a modification of the start of Jurassic Park - the book,
petulant child bitten by Compsagnathus - in fact most of the compsagnathus
scenes were from the first book.  The waterfall sequence was also taken from
the first book.  These were some of the most chilling scenes from the original
book and I really missed them in the film.  The JP - film lacked all the
terror and chill of the book - I was glad to see them reinstated -
especially as
Lost World the Book was also missing so much with respect to the first book.

>                          TOO STUPID FOR WORDS
>Unfortunately, I can only sum up most of the film as 'too stupid for words'.
>Seeing as we're all (;-)) sooo fond of acronyms here on dino-l, I'll refer to
>this as TSFW from hereon. I really enjoyed all the stuff on the island, but as
>soon as the film turned into 'The Dinosaur Who Ate San Diego' I just found
>myself thinking: TSFW. I figure you Americans must make your buses out of
>nothing but aluminium, with no kind of supporting chassis. Only that way could
>the tyrannosaur's head make the kind of dent it did. TSFW.

Ever seen a motorbyke ride into a London bus?

>-The rich English family who chose to sip wine and nibble sandwiches on an
>incredibly noisy, non-idyllic beach. TSFW.

Seemed fine to me.

>-The gymnastics scene with Malcolm's daughter vs. _Velociraptor_. TSFW.

A triumph of style over substance.  I cheered.  I also thought the
'straight out
of High Noon' fall that Sarah Harding did from the roof of that builing.
Pure Hollywood.

>-The jeep pulling the great big trailer back up off the cliff edge. TSFW.

The 'left hanging on the rope after bus falls past heroes' scene.  What movie
is that from?  I'm guessing a James Bond movie - but I'm almost sure I've seen
it before.

>                              INFLUENCES
>I've read in some other posts how parts of the film looked to be based on
>monster genre movies. I looked out for these, but evidently missed most of

Just about the entire last 20 minutes were tributes to monster genre movies,
even down to the crowd of Japanese running through San Diego.  I'm not
saying a crowd of Japanese would be out of place in San Diego, but the way
the scene was shot was straight out of a Godzilla movie.

For all it's short comings I enjoyed the movie, as a movie, much more than
the first movie.

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