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Kudos to Glut

     Having just received a copy of Don Glut's dinosaur encyclopedia, let 
     me add my voice to those singing its praises.  I only skimmed the 
     text, but the book is going to be very useful for the illustrations 
     and the artwork alone.  Some of you may know that I have a bit of a 
     thing for complete foot skeletons of theropods, ornithopods, and 
     ground birds.  Don's book drew my attention to several dinosaur feet 
     that I'd somehow missed in going through the literature.  I spent a 
     very pleasurable weekend going through the encyclopedia, sticking in 
     pieces of paper to mark feet that I need to check into more carefully.
     So if you can afford it, I highly recommend that you get this book.  
     It's going to crowd out several others on the shelf where I keep the 
     books that I have to refer to most frequently.
     But having praised somebody else's book, I find myself so lacking in 
     moral fiber as to be unable to avoid inserting a completely 
     gratuitous, self-serving comment to the effect that Mike Brett-Surman 
     and I have just now finished going through the galleys of our dinosaur 
     book for Indiana University Press, _The Complete Dinosaur_.  We've 
     busted our butts off working on this thing the last few years, and IU 
     Press has done a bang-up job in layout for it.  They are type setting 
     it in-house, so Mikey and I have been able to add last-minute 
     references to make the book as up to date as possible.  And the 
     artwork will be to die for:  Lots of new or seldom-seen stuff by 
     Braginetz, Felder, Ford, Franczak, Halleck, Paul, Skrepnick, Walters, 
     and others.  It's supposed to be out in November.