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New Sites

I would like to anounce two new web sites that pratain strictly to
Fossil Preparation and Conservation.

The first is The Equipment and Tools free Classifieds page.  This is a
site to list Used equipment, Tools and supplies relating to
Paleontological Preparation.  There is a for sale and wanted section.
The space is free, but there are limitations and restrictions, basicly
any thing used can be posted for up to six months with time extensions
availible.  Please refer to the header of the page for more
information.  This is an excellent way to dispose of excess equipment or
locate something at an affordable price.
The site is located at http://www.global-expos.com/classifieds.html

The second site is a page dedicated to suppliers of all sorts of new
equipment such as air scribes, adhesives, micro blasters, hammers, and
field equipment.  In most cases, items can be purchesed from the page,
but Phone numbers are provided for those who still do not trust the
security of the Internet.  Many items not found anywhere else can be
located here.
The site is located at http://www.global-expos.com/Prep_supplies.html

I hope you find these sites useful.

George Winters
Global Expos
174 Broad St., Glens Falls, NY 12801
518-745-4139 E-Mail george@global-expos.com
Visit our Domain http://www.global-expos.com