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Re:Caudo-femoralis remodeling

>   I also believe that the caudo-femoralis (or is it caudi-femoralis?) was
>the major propulsive muscle group in dinosaurs.
>Mark Shelly

This has already been stated by Steve Gatesy in his numerous publications
on the topic (e.g. 1990's caudofemoral musculature and the evolution of
theropod locomotion, Paleobiology 16(2): 170-186; also see chapter in
Thomason's Functional Morphology in Vertebrate Paleontology tome, and
references therein); it does seem quite apparent that the caudofemoralis
longus was a major femoral retractor in many non-maniraptoran dinos, as in
other Reptilia.

                       --John R. Hutchinson