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Re: Full reference infor for Don Glut's dinosaur encyclopedia

> Don Glut's dinosaur encyclopedia
>could you perhaps email me (privately, if you think that's
>more appropriate) all info about this book that you have? I'm
>thinking of full author, title, ISBN, publisher, price and URL to the

   (I'll post this on the list since other persons may be interested, too. . .)

   I don't have the book but I just got the publisher's catalog in today's
mail.  The publisher is McFarland & Company, Inc.; their website address
is:  http://www.mcfarlandpub.com

   Info listed in the catalog about the book:

Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia
By Donald F. Glut; forward by Michael K. Bret-Surman
1,192 pages        LC 95-47668        1997
1,439 photos & illustrations/glossary/bibliography/index
ISBN 0-89950-917-7   $145 library binding      8-1/2 x 11 (that's 216 x 279)

  Section I provides history about fieldwork, paleo research and lab studies.
  Section II provides dinosaurian systematics "toward the end of organizing
the various taxa into a convenient and workable order."
 Section III:  Alphabetically arranged compilation of dinosaurian genera.
 Section IV:  Doubtful genera.

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