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The Nakasato Dinosaur Page

I believe all of you dino fans, including the pros would enjoy
http://www.dino-nakasato.org/en/indexMenu-e.html. They have some nice stuff
on the Mongolian dinos, particularly some of the smaller forms. They
apparently made a deal with Mongolian authorities to curate and reconstruct
some of the fossil material in return for holding an exhibit and making
their own casts of the bones for the Nakasato Village Dinosaur Kingdom. 
        It is even more impressive when you learn that Nakasato is a village of
1000 souls, far from the cities, railroads etc. I've no idea how they pay
for the services of the reconstruction personnel. 
        There are some good (IMHO) renderings by their artist, of various dinos.
Try it. You will not be 
wasting your time.

Ray McAllister, Retired Prof. (Emeritus) of Ocean, mcallist@gate.net
Engineering, Dept of OE, Fla. Atlantic Univ., Boca 
Raton, FL 33064  (954) 426-0808