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Re: Full reference infor for Don Glut's dinosaur encyclopedia

Don's Book is published by McFarland.
You can search it by his name at their site.



Jarno Peschier wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> After reading all your reactions to this book and considering the
> fact that I'm now working a three week vacation job that very
> unexpectantly came up (so I should be able to afford the book right
> now without too much trouble ;-)) I've decided that I singly *must*
> have it.
> I'll just be bothering you for a short time with the following
> question: could you perhaps email me (privately, if you think that's
> more appropriate) all info about this book that you have? I'm
> thinking of full author, title, ISBN, publisher, price and URL to the
> website (I believe there was one, am I correct there)? That way I
> have all the info in one place and I can go about ordering the book
> sowhere.
> Thanks in advance.
> Jarno Peschier, computer science student, Utrecht University
>    mailto:jpeschie@cs.ruu.nl    http://jarno.home.ml.org/
> ____________________________________________________________
>     'avwI' nejDI' narghta'bogh qama' reH 'avwI' Sambej

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