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Re: dinosaur: the encyclopedia

John Schneiderman wrote:

>On Fri, 25 Jul 1997, Nick Longrich wrote:
>> The publishers as noted are McFarland and company. The ISBN is
>> 0-89950-917-7, they're their own distributors so to order you can call
>> 800-253-2187 and that's probably the fastest way to get the book, or so
>> the people at Barnes & Noble tell me.
>The fastest way is to get out your credit card and contact McFarland and
>company on their Internet Web page.
>go right to ordering and enter Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia
>It will be in your mail in about 5 days.

Be warned!!! Call'em up right away to make sure everything went through - I
tried this and it wasn't until I called to check on the order four days later
that they told me they were having some problems with orders placed through
their website - I ended up placing the order by phone, anyway.

Waiting by the mailbox,