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Re: dinosaur: the encyclopedia

> Waiting by the mailbox,

    Wrong spot. It's shipped by UPS. This explains my frustration when I 
arrived home late Tuesday 
night to find a UPS sticky note on my apartment door, which informed me that, 
since no one was 
home, the book had been left at the apartment managers' office (closed by that 
time of night).
    Suffice it to say, I rescued the package at first light the following day 
and have been devouring it 
whenever I can find some free time. I also showed it to artist Joe Tucciarone 
(see his dinosaur paintings 
at Jeff Polling's Dinosauria-on-Line) at work yesterday and let him enjoy it a 
couple of hours while I 
dealt with 130 schoolkids on a field trip (or demolition derby: it's hard to 
tell the difference sometimes).

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