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Re: Don Glut's Encyclopedia

On Wed, 23 Jul 97 03:06:00 GMT  steve.cole@genie.com writes:
>AND I WON'T EVEN MENTION that if it had been done loose leaf
>(or with the stupid wide margins on the inside edges so I could
>have made it loose leaf myself) it would have been vastly superior
>to any book ever done as it could be updated.

Whoops!  You mentioned it! ;-)

Has anyone really sat down and made it their life's work to put all this
dinosaur data (as in Dinosauria and Glut's encyclopedia, as far as I can
tell from descriptions) down in some format (loose leaf, CD ROM, web
page, whatever) that can be updated as often as needed? And *easily
accessed* by web or library? God bless whomever decides to do this, *in
plain English*, for all of us educators who want to teach the correct
information!  Even just relaying to kids the point that this is a dynamic
science can be served by this method.  No way a teacher can afford Glut's
book, and darn few of us have enough time to "translate" it!!! 

How about a retired paleontologist and a retired teacher working together
with a grad student on this?   How about applying for a grant to the
Dinosaur Society for this worthwhile project?

Help us educators, writers, etc. out, you pros out there!  What an

[And BTW thanks, Steve, for doing the _Dinosaur Discoveries_ magazine,
and thanks to Jeff Poling's Dinosauria on line, and the Dinosaur
Society's publications, which are as close as we can come to what I have
in mind for now.]

Judy Molnar
Education Associate, Virginia Living Museum
All questions are valid; all answers are tentative.